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Plants growing and spreading via seeds

So, let’s get this show on the road.

The goal: a fun settlement simulator with procedural elements.

Early scope:

  • Realistic local ecosystem (plants and trees grow, animals can be over-hunted)
  • Primary, secondary and service industries (farming, mining, cooking, teaching)
  • Not a violent game, but people can get injured and sick
  • Townspeople have family and social structure
  • Economy based on barter and trade
What makes you think you can succeed?

I’ve had some minor successes with games in the past on the App Store. This is a game I have been wanting to make for a long time, and I think I can get it done.

What’s not in scope?
  • The graphics will be awful. I don’t intend on spending more than 10 minutes per model, as any work I do now will have to be redone later.
  • Multiplayer.
What have you done so far?

Started basic plant simultations:

  • Plants grow, mature, produce seeds, die
  • Plants do not grow too close together, limit of 6 plants/seeds per tile
  • A calendar controls seasons, temperature and daylight hours (sine curves)
  • Seeds sprout at certain temperatures or certain amounts of daylight

Next steps:

  • Generate the plant species instead of having them hand crafted
  • Introduce the concept of plant mass, shade to balance trees vs smaller plants – it is too easy for the ‘flowers’ to crowd out the ‘trees’. Different space requirements for sprouts vs mature plants – make it a function of plant mass?

And here are some earlier screenshots, for laughs:



Gone off grid


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